1. Specific Affirmative Action setasides solely for ADOS individuals and not the larger category of ethnic minorities. “That categorization has allowed Democrats to use programs like Affirmative Action as giveaways to all groups in exchange for votes” quoting the website “This Bribery must end.”
  2. Setting aside 15% of Small Business Administration loans to ADOS businesses
  3. Buttressing support for the 1965 Voting Rights Act ( gutted by right wingers in recent years)
  4. Holding the Environmental Protection Agency liable for considerable problems such as the tainted levels of water in Flynt, Michigan
  5. Limiting H1B Visas for foreign tech workers so as to encourage more employment in the high tech field for STEM and tech educated ADOS
  6. Tax credits for students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities.
  7. Healthcare credit to pay for medical coverage for ADOS



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Albert Lanier

Albert Lanier

Writer. Retired freelancer and journalist. Bylines : Pacific Business News, Honolulu Weekly, Edible Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, Asian week. Twitter (@Criticinc)